Snappy Spree

Recently I’ve been inspired by a friend, and fellow Linux enthusiast Ryan Sipes (his blog here) to start a side project to help the FOSS community and Canonical/Ubuntu in general by working to get more applications converted to their new package format called snappy (more about it here). I will spare you all the technical bits, but lets say that if it really gets the support it deserves  it will be a real boon for Ubuntu, developers, and users alike.

However, as with all new things it is hard to get people on board, and even the most active developers have a hard time justifying breaking away from a work flow that they are accustomed to for something that may not pan out exactly the way that Canonical/Ubuntu have planned.

Of course that is the rub, if there isn’t adoption it risks being dropped, but people aren’t willing to adopt it in fear that it might be dropped. So for that reason I’m personally taking up the slack and creating snappy packages for all the software I can get my hands on, thus closing that gap and making the snap package something that developers may start to default to when working with Ubuntu and all the other distribution that can use the format (spoiler: all of them can)



App A Week

After leaving the City of Bridgeport, I began the long and expensive journey to better myself through any means necessary. As a part of this endeavor I decided to take my predilection toward programming to the next level. Coming from an IT background I have used various scripting languages to make my life easier. From De-duplication scripts to a Star-Map inspired firewall monitoring system I was always working on a way to make my job easier.

So between jobs (which is where I currently am) I began the “App A Week Challenge” an attempt to hone my programming skills by giving myself 7 days to take an idea and make it into a usable product.  As a part of the project I took to You Tube and recorded my programming sessions (sped up and put to music).

I’m currently rebuilding the site here on but will post images of finished products here in my blog for the sake of content.


As a part of Vague Entertainment’s commitment to its “employees” We are giving everyone a place to blog about projects and themselves to help them build an online portfolio. I for one am not very good at talking about myself, but if I am to ask others to do it I must as well.