A new year and a new mission

This year marks a new beginning for myself and Vague Entertainment.  This year I want to take Vague Entertainment from a part time hobby to a full time job.  However, I don’t want to create just another application mill, and I know I can not succeed alone, so I am reaching out, looking for people willing to help and contribute to make Vague Entertainment something amazing. “How can I help?” You may ask; well, keep reading.

I plan on revamping the App-A-Week challenge, but for the sake of my sanity and better output it will be known as App-A-Month. Each week I will post a summary of the progress on the project up to a final reveal at the end of the month. AND this will be the first way you can help! I want to create software that my followers and backers suggest! From games to utilities, no idea is too small or large. So get thinking!

If ideas aren’t your thing, you can help by spreading the word about VE, using the software we produce, and/or becoming bug testers for new and upcoming releases.

Of course monetary help is always welcome. All software and content VE uses or produces will be Open Source and Creative Commons. So I have setup a Liberapay and Patreon account to fund these projects. No one is required to pay, but if we want to be truly different we need to find a better way to fund FOSS software.

For Liberapay :