Benjamin Flanagin
940-273-3350 • bflanagin@vagueentertainment.com

IT Technician, IT Manager/Administrator, Programming Annalist

Detail-oriented professional with extensive experience in IT services and infrastructure , Linux,
Windows, shell scripting, programming, and customer service. Highly analytical in resolving
issues and disputes to maintain efficient operations. Results-oriented focus with proven track
record of achieving, and exceeding designated goals, recognizing potential problems and
developing solutions. Excellent in building rapport with customers, colleagues, and staff.
Armed with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills and expertise in:
Open Source Software • Computer Hardware
IT Infrastructure • Programming

IT Technician
City of Bridgeport, Bridgeport TX (940-683-3400) [2007-2013]
Maintained 150+ computers and associated devices through out the City’s buildings including wireless
equipment and digital/ip phone systems.

  •  Worked with contractors and contracts to implement new technologies and maintain larger equipment.
  • Maintained servers including making the decisions to purchase new hardware as needed
  • Wrote scripts and programs in various languages in order to ease the workload on both the IT department
    and its customers.
  •  Migrated servers from windows to Linux to solve budget short falls and to improve performance.
  • Maintained a balanced budget in my department of over 1 million dollars.
  •  Created a program for an annual “Bridgeport Rocks” video game tournament.
  • Helped patrons at the public library utilize the public access systems.

Computer Technician
Willow Creek Computer System, Bridgeport TX (closed) [2005-2007]

  • Worked with costumers computers and maintained internal computer hardware as needed.
  • Helped customers with computer issues over the phone and in person as necessary.
  • Implemented Astrix based IP phone systems at various companies around Wise County.
  • Wrote convenience scripts to help gather analytical data from Linux based embedded hardware.
  • Built custom computers per order.
  • Held classes on “Linux as a desktop OS” and sold various systems with SuSE and Ubuntu Linux pre-

Computer Technician
Bridgeport ISD, Bridgeport TX (940-683-5124) [2003-2004]

  •  Maintained 600+ computers and associated devices across the network.
  • Wired buildings with cat5e and fibre as needed
  •  Trained staff on proper computer use.
  • Repaired AV equipment and created a broadcast program for the cable channel that the school played
    local news and events on.

Freelance Work
IT Consultant and Server Administrator
Bridgeport EDC, Bridgeport TX (940-683-3490) [2013-2014]

  • Created small business network using Zentyal Small Business Server (Community edition)
  • Implemented Zarafa email collaboration server as an alternative to MS Exchange.
  • Configured and implemented backup protocols and automated the task for ease of use.

The Scribe Commons (Currently under rework)
The Scribe Commons is a site dedicated to all the amature writers,and voice actors (coming soon) that
want to tell their stories to the world without the hoops that standard publishing houses make them jump through.
It is currently under heavy development.
Vague Entertainment
Vague Entertainment is a software company that treats all its contributors as equals sharing the load of
creating, maintaining, and coming up with new projects. We are currently working on several not profit programs
as well as three for profit games.
Texas State Technical College, Waco, TX
Linux+ certified, Sun Solaris 8 Certified