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Num-Nom was a request from two very special boys that wanted me to make a game. But what can be done in one week?

NN-ss6 nnWe created a motif, the “number cookies” and the little creature, and several bad guys to face that make the number search more than just math practice. Right now we just have one bad guy, but with updates in the works we will see a fully fleshed out game very, very soon.



The Second week’s project. BiblioFile is a Library management application that keeps track of your books, where they are, and even the books you want. Using World Cat as a base for gathering book information it can be used to share wishlists with those that have borrowed books from you, or that you have borrowed from them. Turning anyone’s personal collections into small libraries that act more like public libraries.

VINCE (Visual Interactive Novel Chat Environment)

preview VINCE is a chat client designed to take standard communications and turn them in to memorable stories. By giving the users the ability to set the scene and what they looked like. VINCE is clearly a niche product designed for those that want to make online communications more fun without using the standard sticker / emoji  setup.

We were able to create the interface and get the beginnings of the chat services working, however do to issues beyond our control (internet went down and was down for 2 weeks. We were unable to complete the project.

As a part of the App A Week series we plan on working on this and all other projects so though we failed at delivering on this application in a week, it doesn’t mean we wont deliver.