Series 2:Update Week

Every 4th week we go back and work on past projects, this is to ensure that none of them become abandonware, and also to add features that we weren’t able to during the week long development cycle. Unfortunately there isn’t much need for videos during this time so a bulleted list will have to due.


  • Added new “enemy” – Franken Heart ( I don’t know why they all have “Heart” in their name, they are Liam’s creations)




  • Added common camera features
    • Focus Modes
      • Auto
      • Continuous
      • Macro
      • Infinity
      • Hyper-focal (I’m not sure what this does yet)
    • Flash
      • Auto
      • Off
      • Slow Gate (for low light long exposure shots)
    • Exposure Modes
      • Auto
      • Landscape
      • Night
      • Sport
  • Added highlight for effects to better show the difference when selected.
  • Changed size of comment box, and common tag area
  • Added full screen mode for looking at pictures in all their glory.
  • Rotation fixes for mobile phones.


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