Vague Entertainment’s “App A Week” series is Benjamin Flanagin’s attempt to hone his skills as a developer, designer, and marketer (it seems) by developing applications for desktops and mobile devices, either of his own accord or as a request from others. He gives himself a week to complete the task, records the endeavor, and delivers it in a “SpeedArt” style that is more digestible by a larger audience. The hope is that budding developers¬† in seeing the videos will be energized to do the same.


The programs will be released free of charge on all platforms that do not charge a fee for the applications to be on the store. (This includes yearly subscriptions) However, Vague Entertainment does have a Patreon page for those that want to give back to VE, and to show your support for the continuation of the series. It will also give you a voice as to what applications we spend our time on in the future.


At current most applications will be available at the end of each week (Assuming they are complete enough to distribute) on Ubuntu Phone, and Android. With iOS following shortly there after. Ubuntu packages will be made available when a suitable distribution  channel has been created, and MS WIndows packages may not be available for all applications unless there is a large demand or if the persons that asked for the app to be created only uses Windows.


We hope that you enjoy the applications we create in this Series and stop back often to see how they progress.