Week 6: TasKid

TasKid aims to be a scheduler for young and old using the sticker board motif. In todays hectic world keeping to schedules is hard, and constancy is key to help people to feel secure and productive. With TasKid we are aiming to make this a fun, interactive , and rewarding experience.

The Week is over and we have released the initial version to the stores! It came out really well and included some features we hadn’t planned but that seems to happen with most programs we create.

Release4 When you first start up the application you will be greeted with a easy to use setting dialog to add children,tasks, and most importantly sync accounts. Note: if you sync your accounts it will default to trusting the server before what is on your device.




Release2After you have connected your accounts or created your own you will be able to select which child you want to work with. If you only have one child this dialog will not show up.

Similarly if you have multiple accounts (great for grandparents, mixed families, and baby sitters!)  you will see a “family select” dialog before seeing Child Select.



Release1Once you have selected the child you can add stickers to their tasks. The program keeps track of what stickers and what week the stickers belong to so the parent’s and the kids can see what they forgot, and how to be better at remembering to complete their tasks.


Release3And of course no sticker board is complete with out stickers so tapping on the smilely face will bring up the “Sticker Book” where each child can select his or her favorite sticker to place on the grid.




Goals for 2.0

  • Usability improvements based on user comments.
  • Better tracking and more “PoP”
  • Desktop and tablet versions
  • Sticker Store for purchasing new sticker packs (Money would be sent to the sticker set creator)