Week 7: HelioGraph (Freedom Of Expression Photo Sharing Application)

We’ve all used or heard of Instagram , SnapChat, etc. So to say this is a novel idea is silly. Howeviconer, with instatgram slowly being taken over by the advertisers, and its strange reluctance to play nice with other companies or those that want to augment the program. There is room for a new more open competitor. With photographers and artist in mind we join the fray.


Starting as an AppAWeek project HelioGraph is taking shape as Vague Entertainments premier application. I can’t state how happy I am for all the feedback I have gotten from strangers in the community. Most notably Wayne Ward who wrote little review for Heliograph here.

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We are now really close to 1.0 which will have all the major features that I had planned for the application. So the extra time (though it did break my stride)  has been truly beneficial and we will have a GREAT user funded, replacement for InstaGram when fully released.

With our ear to the screen (hard to read that way) we will make sure that even the smallest patrons will get their voices heard. New filters and features will be added as requests come in.


Weeks progress:

With several issues that were out of my control (impromptu trip out of state being the big one) I was unable to complete the program in the time allotted. However, I’ve gotten far enough that it is a deceHG-dev4nt first step in a “open source” replacement for Instagram.

Along the way I was faced with some decisions that needed to be addressed. Mainly due to the shear amount of data that may accumulate on the server. With that in mind I have set all server side storage to a maximum of 20 days; local storage is infinite of course. AHG-dev6s I commented in the video I will have the ability to have a p2p style backup system setup for those that share a onetime generated PIN to link each account. This is great for families or friends that want to make sure their pictures are safe without paying for or questioning how the gigs and gigs of photos are being used.

Filters and Effects are storedHG-dev5 in the program separate from the image, this way we can edit what tweaks we have done to the image even after the shot is taken and saved.

As you can see from the image to the left, not all the camera options have been implemented. As a amateur photographer I get frustrated by the lack of features on the camera applications found on most smart phones even though most support a plethora of options that aren’t implemented for the sake of “ease of use”.

There is so much left to do, but getting a fully function camera is the make or break point for this application. I feel strongly about this project so expect the up coming update week to be filled with updates to this program.


  • Upload photos to server
  • Download photos from Server
  • Desktop Client
  • Phone/Tablet client
  • Ability to share, like, respond to photos
  • Friends list
  • Suggested friends list
  • Tribunal system for those that spam, harass, or post offensive content.
  • Ability to post tastefully offensive content with proper settings in place.
  • Age restricted areas.