Series 2

On to our next group of projects and, these are good ones! Check out the links below to get the low down on whats coming up on VE=AaW.

Week 5

  • Robots fight it out to teach language literacy and maybe a little bit about keyboarding in: Week 5:Spell Bots

Week 6

  • Having a hard time keeping those daily chores from sucking the fun out of life? Take a look at: Week 6: TasKid

Week 7

  • Tired of seeing bots befriend you a like your pictures on your photo sharing application? Want to find a place where “Freedom of Expression” isn’t restricted?  Want a photo sharing application that understands that squares aren’t the best aspect ratio for real art? Well look no further than: Week 7: Photo Sharing Application (PsA? InterGraph?)

Also we need a name for it so…suggestions welcome 🙂