HelioGraph 1.87

screenshot20160820_180429754Feature complete for now
, but we aren’t finished yet. Available on Ubuntu Touch and Android. We’ve got an almost working version on iOS, but there is a bug in Qt that keeps the files from being saved correctly. Its a bummer but it is what it is.

At this point here is what this little application can do. Each user can add their Patreon or Flattr account in settings to tag each image to that account. Imagine a social photo app that directly connects to your means of funding your work!

Taphg-14ping on an image will bring up more of the users images. Of course these are just their public images. if you want to share private images you have to send them directly to the user. Tapping it again will bring you back to the main screen. When you take a picture¬†you have the options to edit the image in various ways. But the best part, the original images is stored on your device so you can “Re-edit” the same image as many times as you want. ¬†You can even remix the images to layer more effects on the image.



hg-13Tablet / Desktop mode is still in development but it shows all the available options take not of the little stars to show areas that have updates. The Inbox is a place to get privately shared images from others. It is a little TOO open at the moment but in the next update will lock it down.



screenshot20160721_195511922In your settings beyond setting your public name (A great way to keep unwanted things in your Inbox btw) you can set the maxium Rating of images you want to see. In your stream any image above your set rating will be excluded from download. However if you have taken an image that is of a higher ratinhg-12g in your personal library, or if someone sends you an image that is above that rating the image is automatically locked. You can set an unlock pin to be entered per image / per session to keep such things from prying eyes.




Sharing images is easy too, given the agnostic nature of the program the way to share it to other social media networks is as simple as tapping on an auto-generated url and posting it to your favorite service. In the near future this will be even more dynamic with online galleries and what not, but at the moment its just one image at a time, but really do we need another web gallery? (probably but I’m only one person)