Groups and WebAPP

New features!

In the coming days HelioGraph will see a new release on all supported platforms.

Here is whats new:

  • Settings revamp:
    • Avatar support – for comments and account verification <– more on that later.
    • More modern look with edit buttons instead of text fields
    • Default privacy setting: Choose whether your posts are public or private by default.
    • Groups:
      • With groups you can automatically share private images with people within the group.(great for family and friends)
      • With groups you can set maximum rating for the pictures that show up in the the stream for the people in the group  both public and private.
      • Once groups are set you don’t need to “choose the group” if the rating is below the threshold of the group, they see it.
      • Images sent directly to your inbox is not affected by groups.
    • More external link options: SoundCloud, Etsy, etc. This way those that have shops or what not can easily like people to these sources.
  • WebAPP:  Sometimes the phone and tablet aren’t enough, so we are working on a WebApp version of HelioGraph for those without smart phones or who want to upload images created on their computer to the service. It will also give people away to find images on the service and view and share them from there.  Here are the features for 1.0 of the service:
    • Search for images based on username or tag
    • View newest images posted to the service without login (limited to the lowest rating)
    • Access your library via login
    • Share images from your library on social networking sites.
    • Upload and set ratings on images from your computer.
  • What it wont do in 1.0
    • Groups
    • change the stream ratings (everything is set to E)
    • Follow
    • Report
    • like images
    • comment on images
    • add filters to the image.

As the WebApp progresses we will probably add those features, at the moment however think of it as an addition to not a replacement for the Application.