HelioGraph started as a part of the App A Week challenge. Being well received by members of the  community it became a full project for Vague Entertainment. Now HelioGraph is a full featured photo sharing application.

What makes HelioGraph stand out?

  1. Fully user funded. We take no money from advertisers or corporate sponsors. This means you are in control of what is posted, what other see, and nothing is tracked or logged to better “serve” you ads.
  2. Community oriented ratings. We don’t censor content, but we do require all images to be rated by the poster. If you fail to rate images property you will be removed. You may also opt to make the images private, you should still rate the images, but if no one else sees it we don’t care what it is.
  3. Private sharing. You can share images privately between users for those images you don’t want to be public but you still want to share it.
  4. Asynchronous cloud service. Shoot wherever, whenever. When you are connected to a proper data network the photos sync.

Community funded Photo Sharing